With the year nearly drawing to an end, we know that many Kiwis will be gearing up for a Kiwi reno summer. Whether your plan is to attack the spare bedroom, remodel your bathroom, or install a new kitchen, the team at Moore Design have you covered. Here’s our list of 8 home renovation tips to keep in mind when renovating your Wellington home.  

1: Measure twice and cut once

We’ve all seen those home renovation shows where a contestant incorrectly measures and cuts. Don’t commit the same mistake. Our Wellington draughtsmen go by the common building saying “measure twice, cut once”. Measuring twice will prevent building mishaps, as even a mere 2mm mistake can make a massive difference. 

2: Investing in professionals

Kiwi’s love DIY, it’s in our DNA. However, there are definitely some tasks that are best left to the professionals. Attempting structural changes, plumbing, and roofing can be potentially dangerous and, if not done correctly can lead to more expenses. The key to house alterations is to spend money working with professionals. At Moore Design, we have a team of draughtsmen and house designers that can advise and connect you with professionals, so you don’t have to go looking around. 

3: What’s behind the walls?

Demolition is exciting. Smashing walls and tearing up the carpet, it’s thrilling. But, it can all go a bit haywire if you don’t have a plan. Without a plan, you can actually leave your space worse off. Our tip: Seek expert advice especially from a local Wellington draughtsman. You never know what’s behind your walls. You may be sledgehammering into plumbing or electrical outlets, causing more damage. Always check in with a local Wellington draftsman before you demo. 

4: Determine the mood

The most common thing first-time renovators will do is jump online to get inspiration. Although this is great, copying and pasting designs you see online isn’t always practical. So, our Wellington house designers suggest you get out a piece of paper and list three moods. Jot down three words that describe the feeling you’d like for your space. For example, your living room could be described as casual, cozy, and comfortable. This simple exercise will help you find your style and navigate through the cluttered world of interior design. 

Our Wellington draughtsmen and house designers have got a few more tips to offer you on this subject. Be sure to tune in next week for a continuation of our 8 home renovation tips for your Wellington home.