We’ve been trend-watching as we welcome the new year, and we’re honestly quite excited with the design choices that we’re seeing in modern Wellington architecture designs. As Wellington draughtsmen, you can count on us to keep our finger on the pulse when it comes to seeing what’s hot in the world of architecture. We don’t, however, let those trends dictate what will and won’t work for your home – you won’t see a tacky trend take over your Wellington house design just because some magazine said bright pink walls were ‘A Thing’ for the New Year. 

With that being said, we’re actually quite excited about and impressed by the 2020 design trend outlook. Here are a few of our favourite elements forecast for fashionably decorating the modern home… 


Painted Brickwork 

Say sayonara to stained wood and konichiwa to painted brick – a new trend that’s taking over exteriors everywhere. This will be an especially excellent addition to your home if you’re planning a Wellington renovation project, as many dated Wellington homes could do with a lick of paint along their tired and worn old bricks. 


LED Lights 

Being both eco-friendly and outstandingly attractive, it’s a wonder why it took this long for homeowners to start applying LED lighting to any new or renovated Wellington house design. LEDs are safer and more energy-efficient than other styles of lighting, and they can come in a range of colours and brightnesses. You can even request strips of programmable, colour-changing light when planning your home with a Wellington draughtsman. 


Fancy floors and ceilings 

Choosing to let your floors and ceilings make a statement is certainly on the cards for 2020 Wellington architecture design. Be it a corporate or residential building, you’ll find floors of polished concrete and ceilings of log-cabin-inspired wood are all the rage. Honestly, we’re not complaining. We think these Wellington house design choices are simply stunning and both have a future-proof quality to them, so you won’t have to worry about your home becoming the victim of a tacky trend.